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interior,30 October 2019

While in Paris, I was thinking I’d share some interior inspiration for you to get inspired by. I’m thinking about our upcoming interior choices constantly and even though I have a very specific taste, there are still important decisions to make.  Last night when we tried to orientate ourselves to different shops and restaurants, I stopped in front of a window with apartments and houses for sale. Felt like I had come to interior heaven. Finally, apartments I get inspired by. Not only minimalistic Scandinavian décor.

I’d love for the overall feeling to be timeless, homey, respectful of the house, light and…French. French because I’m obsessed with the French architecture and think it’s so breathtakingly beautiful without being over the top. (hehe at least in most cases) I want my love for Paris to be reflected in my interior, so all my golden mirrors and chandeliers will have a nice new home to move in to with us ;).

Right now, I’m having coffee in bed while trying to answer a couple of emails and get ready for another day here in my favorite city. If you want more interior related posts, please let me know and I will deliver.


Fashion,27 October 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Efva Attling:n kanssa// Paid collaboration with Efva Attling

First of all, jewelry has always been very meaningful and personal to me. I’ve owned a lot, lost it all and slowly built myself a new small, but carefully chosen jewelry wardrobe. One that holds pieces I love, empower me and is that final touch that makes my style me. Some pieces just look good and become a memory after a couple of good weeks together by the pool at a holiday resort, while others become necessities as rooted in my morning routine as having coffee.

In these pictures, I’m presenting my favorite pieces by Efva Attling and first up I want to talk about the Hold back necklace. It has a meaningful message that I, personally, hold extremely close to my heart. The necklace represents gender equality which sales supports Unizon. Unizon works towards a gender equal society free from violence by uniting women’s shelters and rape and crisis centers, as well as empowers young women.

This takes me to why I think what we wear can be so important. For me, thinking positive and trying to remind myself to think a certain way and stay on track has brought me so much of what I have in life today. Being honestly grateful, reminding yourself to be brave, strong and that everything will turn out ok can be life changing. It’s so much about the power of the mind within us. It is proven, that writing down your plans and goals actually makes it more likely for you to achieve them. Mind maps, visualizing and affirmations actually works, therefore I think jewelry can have the same effect if you give it power and meaningfulness. I wish every woman would carry something with them as a reminder to be brave and stand up for ourselves and each other. Whether it’s an attitude, mindset, mantra, tattoo or piece of jewelry. It’s so important, but so easily forgotten when we’re in those situations when we need it the most.

My other favorite piece is this Star ear cuff that has become as important as my morning coffee. I know you love it too, because so many of you asked about it already! I can’t leave the house without it and it has saved me from piercing my ear – something I’ve been contemplating over forever. It’s the perfect subtle detail that makes me feel like a Rockstar. So now, I’m rocking my new pieces of jewelry with an attitude. I feel cooler, stronger and more confident. So watch out, I might just actually turn into a Rockstar ;).

If you need a bit of Rockstar yourself, you now get a 20% discount on all silver jewelry until 3/11 (not valid on jewelry for a good cause) with your code SOFIA20? on efvaattling.com and in stores.

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä