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These pictures speak for themselves. My boy and I are more or less constantly attached, and I’ve been trying to maximize physical contact with him, since he clearly needs it from me. My girl lost her second tooth and gets more independent day by day. She always flowers during summer and we enjoy following her development and growth. It’s amazing how two human beings can be so different even though they come from the same parents.

Our yesterday started with some horse therapy at the neighbors here at the cottage. They live right next to us and we can both see and hear them from the yard, which adds so much value to our stay here. Especially for the kids, who love feeding them hay and pet them. Preferably many times every day.

We are maximizing our time here by doing all kinds of activities. Yesterday we drove to a kid’s concert held nearby and spent a few hours jamming and swimming in the lake. Today we are doing more adventures before we return to the city to take care of some necessities as well as visit more relatives and friends. Also, I’m finally going to the hairdresser for a fresh haircut. Been pushing the appointment for weeks already, so now it’s finally time.

It’s been amazingly hot these past few days. Last night, I noticed that my fingers looked like sausages- so swollen from the heat! I almost got a bit scared, but it looks like it’s better today. I have a tendency to get really bloated and gather fluid when it’s hot (or during my pregnancies) so I need to keep hydrated and limit my salt intake when I start to swell up like a balloon :).

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dress by elseadeliadubai

New love

Fashion,25 July 2019

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New day new location new update. Today I’m back at the cottage for a few days. We are preparing for our annual family festival where we (or at least some relatives hehe) run, followed by an entire day filled with food, ice-cream, play and sauna. Next year will be the 50thyear this is arranged! These traditions are very much appreciated, especially by the kids. And this year, as well as so many previous years in a row, we are expecting amazing weather.

Today we’ve spent the day in the forest searching for chanterelles.  We found plenty already and although the kids are getting tired and sick of all the ants and spiders, I’m planning to continue the search myself. Last fall we spent many days in the woods until the ground was almost frozen. These are the things I love doing with my children. My husband loves teaching them different sports and enjoys playing with them for hours, whereas I love doing art, bake, spend time in nature and take them to museums. Not to forget all the things my kids learn and do with their amazing grandparents. Grandparents are irreplaceable and I am luckily blessed with bonus parents that now serve as amazing bonus grandparents for our kids. The more the merrier. Especially when it comes to people to love and be loved by.

Here is my current favorite dress with the perfect flower print (why is it so hard to find a nice print with good colors and perfect sized flowers?) in casually crisp cotton. Because I often get asked which my favorite brands are, I have to say that Ivy&Oak has become a new favorite in my wardrobe. Actually, I just sent them feedback saying how much I love the quality and most of all the fit. They fit my body perfectly every time, and even though I always order online, I’ve never gotten disappointed with the pieces I’ve ordered. They feel, fit and look just as good in reality as they do in the pictures. Just wanted to share this with you, since my experiences with this brand has been so good. It’s kind of my obligation to let you know about all the things I love :). 

dress here// shoes Unisa// hat Brixton

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä