Fashion,29 March 2019

It feels like it’s Friday on repeat!? Today, I spent my morning in front of my sleep research results, and it was surprisingly emotional to see how poor the quality of my sleep actually is and that it’s way worse than I estimated myself. The good thing is however, that I reached for help and now know what to work on. That’s a great first step in the right direction. Sleep is super individual and it’s no surprise I’m sensitive also in this area, since I’m so emotionally sensitive in general.

I need to work on relaxing not only my body, but to shut down my brain activity. Experimenting with different options starts today! Hopefully, I’ll learn something that improves my sleep in the future even just a little bit, so I can become a happier and better me.

Have a lovely weekend!

cardigan and skirt softgoat cashmere// bag dior// boots zara// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Take me to the candy shop

Fashion,27 March 2019

Today is the first day after my Lasik eye surgery! Not wearing glasses, but not feeling quite normal either. I will let a few more days pass before I give you an update on my entire experience of the surgery and recovery as well as my history with glasses and contact lenses.

I spent all of yesterday in bed, but today I had an appointment at Louis Vuitton to exchange a bag that apparently had some sort of quality defect I wasn’t even aware of myself. I take good care of all of my bags and most of them are still like new. So, when they contacted me to tell me there has been problems with this particular bag and that I could exchange it for a new one or new model (although I told them I never experienced any defects myself), I saw it as a great opportunity to treat myself after my brave performance yesterday ;). That’s what I call good customer service! So today, I spent quite a few hours in the shop trying on different models and now I’m back home with a big brown bag. I even got some help from a good friend of mine who works in the shop, another friend who happened to come into the store and my husband. What do you think I went for: practical or crazy?

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä