Fashion,29 January 2019

It’s quite funny, because in the beginning of winter, some of you asked what to wear when the temperature drops, and the streets fill up with snow. Every year, I ask myself the same. I’m not that good in a winter landscape and I actually think it’s difficult to stay somewhat stylish if I can’t go all in and have to prioritize functionality. I’m either everything or nothing at all and to be honest, my wardrobe lacks all the things a Finn needs in her wardrobe this time of the year.

This outfit is more or less as good as it gets on cold days. Merino wool stockings, layers and a warm coat. Now I found myself the perfect beanie to keep my warm (as you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram). So, I’m improving.

Next week I’m travelling up north to shoot new material for Balmuir. I can’t wait to spend the whole week in the middle of beautiful white snow and work with a super crew!

Now however, I’m about to start working on another video project, before I pack up my math books and head over to my neighbor for some private lessons. Have a great day!

skirt and jacket samsoe&samsoe// coat hm// boots zara// necklace céline// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


Fashion,26 January 2019

Whoopsie daisy! Am I the only one who finds pleasure in browsing through online shops at night? To be honest, I rarely shop in actual shops anymore. Ever since I realized how comfortable and easy it is to compare sites, shop from a wider selection and just click home that dream dress, pair of shoes or vintage bag, I find it hard to return to traditional shopping. I’m at my weakest when I’m home alone. It’s like I lose all my manners ;). I stay up too late, work too much, eat unhealthy snacks at night and find myself glued to the screen for way too long. Luckily, I have kids who keeps me busy until 9 pm ;). Anyhow, I’m turning 31 next week and although I swore, I wouldn’t buy myself anything after adopting my vintage Dior saddle bag, I accidentally clicked home the perfect LPD (little pink dress) last night. I deserve it. You will love it!

coat andiata// jeans vintage levis// top kappahl (gifted)// headband gauhar// bag chanel//boos zara

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä