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Fashion,Outfit,31 August 2018

Hi darlings! My feet are still aching from fashion week, but today it’s time for the next event; Gloria Fashion Show 2018. I’m hosting an event all day today for a small group of special guests, together with my partner KappAhl. It’s going to be a fun day, and I’m sure it will be relaxed and chill. Nevertheless, I feel like wearing nothing but slippers and a robe all day today, but I’m going to squeeze my feet into the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own because my dress kind of requires this exact pair. Tomorrow morning at 8 am we’re driving for the next occasion, a wedding. Finally, some family time, I’m so excited! Sitting in a car for hours has kind of become our date time, especially if the kids are napping. It’s the perfect time to talk without getting interrupted.

On Tuesday I’m off for travels again. Life is hectic right now, but I’m used to it already. This is how my work life has looked like more or less all my life. You got to strike while the iron is hot and trust that time will balance it out eventually.

 coat busnel// dress vintage// boots by malene birger// headband glitter// louis vuitton


Beauty,30 August 2018

Paid collaboration with L’Oréal Paris// Maksettu kaupallinenyhteistyö L’Oréal Paris:n kanssa

Maybe you remember a few weeks back, I was part of the L’Oréal event where I got a beautiful turquoise eye makeup and the new Unlimited Mascarawas introduced and launched. As with all makeup, I love simple and easy. I use my fingers and like everything to be well blended.  Too perfect isn’t my thing for many reasons. I simply don’t have the talent; patience and I love the natural look, but that doesn’t have to mean it can’t be playful.

I think the meaning of makeup shouldn’t be to cover up or enhance beauty, but self-expression. It’s interesting to see how we all see ourselves and what we want others to see. We usually see ourselves in a different way than others, because we know ourselves better than anyone else and that’s what I think we should strive to portray.

This time, I created a step by step tutorial for my late summer/ early fall makeup. It’s perfect for both day and night and easy to layer depending on how intense you want the look to be.

In this first picture I have no eye makeup on what so ever.

I always frame my eyes by making my brows a bit stronger and fuller looking. The Brow Artist High Contour Pen is super precise. It leaves a very natural trace, just as if it was your natural hair and this grey-brown shade matches my natural color perfectly. In this picture, you can see one brow completely nude and the other one done. On top of this pen, I always brush my brows upwards using the Brow Artist Plumperbrow gel, to make them last all day. I use shade dark brown.

On the other end of the pen you find a highlighter. I apply this highlighter just underneath the brow and on my upper lip to lift my eye brows and bring light and fullness to my lips.

Let’s move on to the La Petite Palette-eyeshadow palette. This palette is perfect if you like me like to try the turquoise for special occasions but prefer natural tones for everyday life. I used the turquoise surprisingly much this summer, and think it still works nicely paired with a camel beige knit and perhaps a pair of golden statement earrings. This time, I used the three pink-ish shimmery tones for a fresh and a bit “dusty” look perfect for the first days of fall.

I am so super excited to share this new Unlimited Mascarawith you, since so many of you have been asking me what mascara I’ve been using lately. This mascara is amazing, because it separates, elongates, volumizes and most of all it curls! In this post, I haven’t used an eyelash curler but because of the silicone brush that bends, it reaches into every corner of the eye and to the very roots of the lashes. In this picture below, you can see one eye with mascara and one without.

And you guys, if I can do this eye makeup you can too, so just give it a go and blend blend blend. It’s super easy, but really makes a difference if you want to bring a little glam to your day ;).

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä