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Fashion,Outfit,26 January 2018

Felt like a child yesterday, when my jet lagged husband fell asleep early with the kids and I parked myself after the longest day on the couch in front of Modern family. Being home alone is the best feeling sometimes. No obligations to be social or thoughtful towards anyone. Just me myself and I. I ate popcorn in the light of the TV while talking on the phone until midnight. Couch potato perfection! I wish every mum/dad could get a night like this (knowing they can sleep in the next morning) at least once a week.

Now, back to fashion. Honestly, aren’t we getting a bit tired of these sock boots? I’m well aware of the fact that I’m wearing them in almost every picture, but they are just so comfortable! Because I need versatility, a good excuse to shop and trying to stick to my New Year’s resolution, I actually got myself a new pair of sock boots yesterday. In neon pink. They are so sick! I’ll show you very soon don’t worry. Also, this snake dress is still one of my absolute favorites. Daring and wild, but sophisticated and classic. My style motto 2018 ;)!

Now I need to start packing for Copenhagen next week. Hoping to shoot a ton of material in a bit more springish environment. Have a good one!

dress andiata// bag chanel// shoes zara

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

camel and gold

Fashion,Outfit,24 January 2018

Thank you for all your emails and messages regarding my last post. I touched on the subject lightly, but it’s actually a heavy and serious problem not only for me, but many of us. The most superficial things like skin, hair and as we all know by now also weight are actually big problems which many women fight with internally and in silence. We should dare to speak up about those feelings as well, because everything we feel is ok and if we can help someone else or ourselves, why shouldn’t we?

It’s a beautiful yet absolutely crazy and uncomfortable snowstorm outside today. Obviously, these pictures are not from today, but because I’m trying to be optimistic and glance forward I put on my light blue jeans, sunnies and braved the cold in my bare ankles and new camel coat. Looking forward towards all the wonderful things and developing challenges with excitement and curiosity, has always been much more productive, fruitful and energizing to me than the opposite.

coat andiata basics (gifted)// knit acne// jeans mango// boots anine bing// bag louis vuitton//sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä