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Fashion,Outfit,25 July 2016

Black from head to toe is my comfort zone uniform. Even wearing blue jeans makes me feel like a dare devil. I wore this outfit last Sunday for brunch and I absolutely love these super comfy cotton trousers from By Malene Birger. Lovely to have another relaxed option in addition to jeans. Also, staying away from wearing tight jeans means it’s still summer. I have enough time to spend month after month in skinny jeans and boots, therefore I want to avoid them as long as possible.

IMG_2176 IMG_2204 IMG_2199

trousers by malene birger// top hm// shoes iris& ink// bag saint laurent// sunnies celine

Pictures by Janita Autio

A walk to remember

Fashion,Outfit,22 July 2016

A few days ago while still in the city, me, Janita and mister Humpty Dumpty enjoyed a nice lunch at the terrace of The Cock. At first I wasn’t impressed with the restaurants selection, but now I’ve found a few dishes I like both from their breakfast and lunch menu.

I feel like my kiddos are growing up so fast. Greta gave away her pacifiers a few weeks ago and now we are starting to introduce solids to Gabriel. Giving up the pacifiers was a success. Starting solids not so much. I guess he’s way too comfortable getting breastfed, but having him wake up every 10 minutes during the night is getting kind of tiresome. I don’t know why both of my children have/ had the need to use me as a soother, but I’m trying to comfort myself by remembering it’s just a phase. Also this time will pass. Even though it feels tough and unbearable at times.

I still can’t help myself from reminiscing the time when Greta was a little baby. It’s such a precious time that will pass by So fast. Might be tough in the moment, but the memories will last forever and remembered only in the best and coziest way possible.

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Pictures by Janita Autio