Ready Set Go

Fashion,Outfit,27 February 2016
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” No such thing as spare time,

no such thing as free time,

no such thing as down time.

All you got is life time.


-Henry Rollins

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This morning I woke up with only one child next to me. Greta spent the night away from home for the first time ever (!). So quiet and empty but I know she had the time of her life at her grandparents. I spend lots of time alone with the children since hubs travels a lot and Greta is not in day care. I’m so used to having them around and close to me at all times and I don’t feel the need to spend time away from them.

I know many of you think it’s important to take time for yourselves without children and also alone with your partner. I’ve gotten comments about that. It is extremely important to get a break (whatever that may mean) if that is what you need. I just don’t feel the urge. I don’t experience it like that. I don’t need time alone with my husband right now to feel connected. What makes me and us the happiest is being together as a family.We don’t have to go to fancy restaurants, spend weekends at some resort and drink champagne to get romance in our lives. When we are together as a family we are still together, have conversations and “see each other”. I am not “just” a mother. I am more than that. But being a mother is part of who I am and is something I don’t want a break from. I can still be myself, a wife, a woman, a friend and whoever I was before or want to be. Still while being a mother.

I think it’s important to not look and concentrate too much on what the norm is. What everyone else is doing is not always what’s best. I believe in trusting your own intuition and heart. Every parent, family and child is different and unique. Let’s focus more on what works best for each individual than what we are used to see and experience around us. It is easier to follow the crowd  than question. But sometimes questioning is good. Don’t let the blind lead another blind. Choose your own path and trust yourself.

Pictures by Dora Dalila

Soft lips

Beauty,26 February 2016
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As an organic skincare lover I don’t turn away a beautiful glossy lip balm from Estelle& Thild.  I was afraid it would feel sticky but it actually feels like it’s name let’s us assume. A lip balm that’s smooth, soft and gives my lips a nice and healthy look. Rarely dusappointed by this brand. Actually never.