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What happened? In the middle of everything my nesting phase took over and we decided to rearrange our entire home. We are moving from one room to another, turning our bedroom into a playroom and Greta’s room into the children’s bedroom. Can’t wait for everything to be somewhat done, even though I know nothing will ever be completely done. Our home is  a work in progress and that’s just how it is. It won’t ever feel completely done.

Maybe I was just really hungry, because it seems like all this Christmas food has given me super powers! I barely sleep at night but all of a sudden I find the strength to rearrange, and I even had some energy left for some serious sale shopping :D! I barely visit any actual stores but last night I couldn’t help myself from clicking into a few of my favorite online shops. Now I’m impatiently expecting parcels from COS, Net-a-porter and my favorite online flea market. How did this happen? Well it happened very conveniently on my own couch while very high on chocolate. It’s much more pleasant waiting for the “real arrival” to arrive, while being distracted on materialistic parcels.

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One down

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Quick update before the food fest continues. Last night was magical. The food was great as well as the company and the excitement in the children’s eyes, unbeatable. The best part about having divorced parents and parents in law is that we get to celebrate Christmas for days. Now we are just about to kick off the second day and we couldn’t be more pumped. Hope you had a really good time and will continue to celebrate this holiday in one way or another.

Picture by Dora Dalila