My gift to her

Fashion,Motherhood,Outfit,26 November 2015

I’ve had a change of heart. That is actually one of my favorite things I’ve come to learn in life, to change my mind and not being ashamed of it. Before a couple of weeks ago all I wanted was to give birth as soon as possible, and couldn’t find the peace to really enjoy myself on the way. Compared to my last pregnancy I am much more impatient, because now I know how amazing it is to get my child into my arms. I simply can’t wait for the reward and enormous gift I’m about to get at the end of this journey.

Now when I’ve been slowing down a bit by attending fewer classes, working less and let things slip around the house, I’ve started to enjoy myself more. I love taking a break on the couch, felling my little baby kick.  That is what I’ve missed the most between my pregnancies, having life inside my belly and never being totally alone. I also love being able to give Greta my full attention, because soon we’ll all have to share and make more space in our hearts. However, I am very excited about Greta becoming a big sister. She will do great and I’m sure everything will turn out perfect, even though there might be some bumps along the way. I used to stress a lot about her reaction towards the upcoming new situation, but giving her a sibling is the greatest gift in life, and I’m sure everything will be ok and she’ll adapt eventually.

I got her. This is my gift  to her in return.

Does any of you have two or more children? What’s your experience and tips on going through the second round, introducing a new baby to the family? I would really appreciate your advice. So far I’ve decided not to make any big changes before the baby comes (like taking away her pacifier etc…). I also let her be a baby as much as she wants, since she loves to pretend to be one. To prepare her and make her understand we read many books about getting a new sibling. I’m also planning on buying Greta a gift from the baby to get when she/ he arrives. Anything else I could do to make everything as smooth as possible?

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Pictures by Janita Autio


Baby mini

baby,24 November 2015

Baby mini is so spoiled already. She/ he has been getting gifts delivered to the door on a regular basis, and mommy couldn’t be more thrilled and excited. I couldn’t even remember how cute and tiny all the baby stuff is until they started to drop in little by little. Yesterday I picked up the cutest gift box including these adorable sneakers. They are so cool I wish I could fit into them myself ;). I’m also really found of Sophie la girafe and their organic bathroom products.

Gotta love preparing for the new baby, even though it is materialistic. It makes everything feel much more tangible and real. Soon this family will be a family of 5.


sneakers from zalando// lotion and sophie la girafe toy from Ombrellino
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