my favorite Ray bans

Uncategorized,30 July 2014
From the left downwards:
1. RB 3025 aviator large metal 001/33 62
2. RB 3025 aviator large metal 112/93 58
3. RB 4141 601/58 3P
4. RB 4175 879/N1 2N
5. RB 4175 877/32 2N
6. RB 4175 877 3N

size matters

Uncategorized,29 July 2014
Anyone else feeling kinda hot lately? Haha, I can’t believe this weather this summer, from winter to extreme heat within a couple months! I walk around wearing as little as possible and I still sweat like a pig, and feel like I need to undress to my birthday suite instantly as soon as I step outside the door! 
Today I’ve had a really good day. This morning I took care of a few errands before I walked 5 km to my sister’s, to spend the day with her and Greta. We just hang out at home and enjoyed a salad and coffee before I walked back home. Later this afternoon I met up with bestie downtown, and now I’ve just put Greta to bed. I’ve had a super relaxed day, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Tomorrow I’ll have to be a bit more effective ;).
What I wanted to show you, are my new sunglasses! I have more Ray bans than I dare to admit, but I’ve wanted these huge, classic pilot’s for a while now. These are brown with gold hardware and they are the largest size. I love Ray bans because they go with everything, and they usually make the outfit more down to earth and casual. I’m also making a separate sunglass post about my favorite Ray bans, that I’ll post tomorrow morning.
I hope you all had a good day and I wish you a good night, despite the heat :).
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