Uncategorized,31 July 2014
I’m sorry I’ve been a little slow with the updates. I’ve been busy doing things around the house and playing with Greta. These past two days have passed by so fast, and I’m afraid summer will be over in a blink of an eye, so I’m trying to soak in as much sunlight and warm weather as possible. 
I wanted to take the time to show you my latest purchases for our home. This vase is from Tine K and I’m incredibly happy I got it, because it looks so cute on our kitchen table! Fresh, beautiful flowers make me really happy, so this vase will play a big role in my everyday life :).
While I’ve been decorating our new home, I’ve come to realize how much I appreciate and love art. What people decide to hang up on the wall, tells a lot about the person. We have a very mixed art collection in our apartment, but every single piece is carefully chosen, feels meaningful and speaks to me in it’s own way. We have everything from old oil paintings to modern abstract art.
I knew I wanted another nice modern piece, and I completely fell for this photograph of Sienna Miller by Mario Testino. She looks gorgeous in it, and I love both the statues and the feeling of high fashion. I’m also dreaming of the beautiful painting of Greta Garbo by Einar Nerman that I once fell in love with at Bukowskis.

all that glitters

Uncategorized,30 July 2014
After taking these pictures last weekend, I realized how pale I was so I went straight to the tube for a quick fix ;). I actually love being light, but somehow I prefer just a little bit of glow on my legs during summer. 
This is exactly how I like to dress for a dinner or night out (although I never go out, hehe)! I completely love this glittery cardi, and I even think it’s suitable for daytime if properly styled and matched. I think the secret lays in the fact that the sequins are more matt which makes the overall look more rock- chic. I get the Kate Moss vibe, and I love it!
This top is also surprisingly nice, even though I’ve had a hard time with the shiny fabric. It’s made out of 100% silk which makes it feel divine. I also have it in white, so you can expect an outfit post coming up wearing it anytime soon;).
How do you like to dress for a night out?
top& sequin cardigan andiata// shorts hm// shoes louboutin// bag chanel