Uncategorized,30 June 2014
Oh my, what a day, or 24 hours to be exact! Today we finally got back home from our three week trip, spent in North America! We have been to Naples and my old home town Ottawa. One of my best friends got married, and her wedding was nothing but a big old fat italian wedding ;D! I got the honor to be one of her bridesmaids and the whole day was magical and so special. 
Greta has been the best traveller one could only wish for, and she played and slept through all the flights back and forth. She didn’t cry once, unbelievable!
I am absolutely out of it today and can’t wait to catch up on some sleep in my own bed next to my favorite people (only Lilo missing :(), so I hope you forgive me if I’ll get back to you tomorrow ;). You’ll get the biggest picture bomb ever in exchange, so watch out!
Mommy- Baby moment in Ottawa by the canal <3

New in!

Uncategorized,28 June 2014
top forever 21/ /suede shorts h&m// shoes wonders// bag louis vuitton// earrings chanel// pearls andiata

Do you remember when I said that I had purchased something as an addition to my little collection? I finally bought this Louis Vuitton pochette metis bag, because I really really love it and I couldn’t get it out of my head! It’s perfect for mommy’s on the go because it releases both hands without sacrificing in style and I can fit everything I need in it (I always carry Greta’s belongings in a diaper bag in addition to my purse). I think this model is fun and classic and the monogram will never get old and go out of style. It’s also perfect for traveling since it goes with everything and can be worn for both day and night, with or without the strap. What more can I say? I simply adore it!