Yesterday’s tea ceremony

Fashion,Work,6 April 2018

Must have been full moon or something because I didn’t get a second of sleep last night and the kids woke up several times as well. Gave in at 4.50 and parked myself in bed with my laptop and a cup of coffee. Thinking it’s allowed since I have to be at my next event that I’m co-hosting at 8.

Yesterday was a busy day. Haven’t been to active going to launches this spring, but decided to make a thing out of it and go event hopping :D. I managed to squeeze in 3/5. Good enough.

These pictures are from the Big in Japan launch by KappAhl. It was fun to get to take part of a traditional tea ceremony. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for too long before I had to head off towards the next stop.

Now I’m going to try to enjoy myself for just a little while before the kids wake up. I want to listen to my favorite podcast and perhaps just stare into the wall for a while. Or, indulge in the world of Instagram. That’s also wonderful at times.

Have a great Friday!

coat hm// knit soft goat// trousers kappahl// jewelry thomas sabo// bag gucci// shoes zara

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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