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Motherhood,Outfit,9 February 2015


Good morning! It’s Monday and I’m almost ready for this week to kick off but still a bit hesitant. My schedule is fully booked and I get stressed just by looking at my calendar. I have so many deadlines I don’t even know where to start. The positive side is that I definitely feel alive and powerful ;). I can totally do this, can’t I?!

This weekend was a great mixture of both business and pleasure. On Friday we had sushi in great company , I studied and completed an exam and yesterday I was baby free almost the entire day. It’s so weird being without Greta. Something is missing all the time and I worry. I worry way to much I think, way beyond normal even though I don’t have anything to worry about ;). Worry is motherhood in a nutshell to me. I haven’t spent a second not worrying since I gave birth.

Last night for example I couldn’t sleep because I worried about Greta’s blood test today. Last time the nurse couldn’t find her veins so she had to dig in both arms with no result. I hate blood tests!!! I’m so afraid the same thing will happen today I actually woke up with the worst stomach pain.

Anyone else feeling like me? I need some advice and support from you fellow sisters!



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Pictures by Dora Dalila (link to her blogs here and here)


  • Natali

    First of all, good morning mrs flawless!! :D
    Secondly, there’s nothing that you can do, worrying will stay with you
    for as long as you’re a mom ( go figure ), but I can tell you that the more
    time passes and the older your kid gets, the intensity of worrying gets smaller…
    I’m not sure how to explain it well, but it will always “hurt” you when your child
    is not well or has something going on like taking a blood test. You feel more pain than
    the kid, but that’s just natural. The smaller the child is, the more you feel you need to
    protect them from everything, but the older they get you just realise that it’s a part of
    life and the more you’re calm as mom, the more your child will react like that to stressful
    situations in the future. Kids always take after moms, the way how mom reacts to situations
    is usually how kid will react to those same situations as they grow older.
    I hope that this LONG rant made any sense. :D


  • T

    Hei Sofia,

    Seuraavalla kerralla verikokeeseen, ota kotoa mukaan pakastuspussi ja mene paikan päälle 10min ennen verikokeen ottamista. Käy vessasta laittamassa pussiin tosi lämmintä vettä, solmi pussi ja pidä sitä Gretan verisuonien (siinä kohdassa mistä verikoe otetaan) päällä 5-10min. Tällä tavalla suonet löytyvät heti ja kipua ei tunnu lähes yhtään.
    Toimii joka kerta!

    Tiedän tuon huolen myös äitinä, nyt koululaisen äitinä voisi tulla hulluksi. On pitänyt ihan tehdä töitä, jotta siitä vähän pääsee eroon ja luottaa häneen, sekä maailmaan edes hiukan. ;)


    • Sofia Ruutu

      Verikoe meni hyvin eilen. En edes itkenyt ;D! Ensi kerralla teen ehdottomasti ohjeidesi mukaan. Kiitos paljon lohduttavasta vinkistä <3!

  • Good Morning beautiful!
    I can totally relate. I feel worry is my middle name. Eventhough I have nothing to worry about, I am always three steps ahead planning and thinking about the possibilties and sometimes Im on total overdrive! I don’t have children yet, but I have a dog that I have had for almost 10 years now and the way I worry about her just gives me an idea of what I will be like with our future children! Probably 10 times worse =) have a good day xx

  • Katariina

    Jään aina vaan ihastelemaan näitä sun kuvia! Oot uskomattoman kaunis, ja tuo asu on täydellinen (sydänsilmät emoji) Harmi kun ei ite noin kevyesti voi vielä pukeutua täällä pohjosessa..

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Kiitos ihana! Ei täällä kään oikeasti tarkene mutta kun kerran olen päättänyt että kevät tulee niin pitäähän mun pukeutua sen mukaisesti. Dress for the life you want and you will get it ;).

  • Meredith

    My God you look so good!!;) Can´t wait for the spring to come!! p.s Glad to hear that Greta and her mom are both doing fine !!:)

  • Oot kyllä niin upea näky ja tuo asu. <3 Kumpa se kevät alkais jo pikkuhiljaa kurkistelemaan, että saisi kaivaa kaikki ihanat mekot ja hamoset kaapinperältä!

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