what I actually wear on most days and my FW essentials

Fashion,Outfit,17 September 2018

I just happen to be someone who loves (!) having pretty pieces hanging in my closet. I feel pleasure of seeing beautiful things around me. That’s just how I am. I always find myself shopping for dresses, heels, gowns and jewelry. However, it’s a sad fact I don’t quite live a life where gowns and tulle skirts are a part of my everyday style. I mean I live in Finland, where I walk around in snow boots half of the year and spend my days hanging out with a four and two years old.

Although, I think it’s much more fun showing you those highlights of my life where I actually got to dress up in heels and a silk gown, I still think it’s nice to remember we all need some inspiration in the grey zone as well. On those days we can’t get our eyes open in the morning, nevertheless come up with creative and comfortable outfits. As I made up my mind to make a feature of my casual favorites I realized, it’s everything but dull! So, this time, I wanted to focus on clothes I wear repeatedly, on most days, but rarely have time to show you since I’m busy doing other things;).

I picked my favorites from Andiata, to show you a few pieces I find necessary in my own wardrobe. Let’s start with the luxurious two-piece cashmere-merino wool set.

If you don’t own a nice set of leisure wear-just do it! You will thank yourself a million times. I wear mine when I drop the kids off at daycare, when I arrange playdates, grocery shop and when I fly and at the hotel breakfast. I wear mine all the time. It’s the best investment! I love soft and light colors to make it look just as amazing as it feels, and I pair it with a nice coat and funky shoes or comfy boots depending on the situation.

This cozy cashmere knit and scarf, are 100 % cashmere. If you have sensitive skin like me, I highly recommend this knit for you. It feels amazing on!

Andiata’s organic cashmere, is soft and smooth and naturally produced in Mongolia. It’s also died with environmentally friendly dye, which is something I highly value.

Cashmere is a very durable and long-lasting material that can last a lifetime. I usually recommend letting your cashmere garment pill once, where after I recommend to gently wash it. Cashmere only pills once, so after you comb it and then wash it, it will stay perfectly smooth and wonderful.

Puffy and fluffy down coats make winter so much kinder. It’s like walking around wearing a big, warm blanket. I wear mine every day and I get minor anxiety when it’s time to put it away in the spring. I love this beautiful light beige one because again, it feels so luxurious and elegant.

Andiata’s down is RDS certified, meaning it’s responsibly produced and that the down and feathers comes from birds that haven’t been subjected to any harm such as force-feeding or live-plucking. Andiata’s down products are made of 95 % down and 5 % feathers.

I always wash my down products gently in the washing machine. Just turn it inside out and follow the instructions for your product.

Last but not least, my personal style essentials for those more glamorous days and moments. A good wool coat (this is amazing isn’t it?) and romantic midi skirt paired with a soft cashmere knit. I like to wear outfits like this for work and special events. So excited that the shorter coats are back again after years of maxi lengths. Although, I kind of promised myself not to get any new coats this year, but I just couldn’t resist. Especially not when it’s the most perfect shade of beige I’ve ever seen.

All clothes borrowed from Andiata

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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