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Outfit,10 November 2014

Hello Monday, my favorite day! Today has been a busy day just how I like it. This weekend I decided to really get back on track with my daily walks since I’ve been slacking  a bit lately. This week I will walk every day no matter rain or sunshine, who’s with me?!

These outfit pictures are the last ones we shot with Veikko. I really enjoyed shooting with him because I instantly felt relaxed and like we spoke the same language. It’s important for me to feel relaxed when I’m in front of the camera, and I also think it’s important that the photographer feels relaxed. I love open communication and I really appreciate to work with people who let go and don’t take themselves too seriously. Many good and beautiful things can come from being wild, free and creative :).

I really hope that there will be more beautiful pictures in the future by Veikko Kähkönen on my blog. Here, here and here you find previous posts featuring his pictures.




015_Sofia_Ruutu_veikkokahkonen 014_Sofia_Ruutu_veikkokahkonen 012_Sofia_Ruutu_veikkokahkonen013_Sofia_Ruutu_veikkokahkonen016_Sofia_Ruutu_veikkokahkonen017_Sofia_Ruutu_veikkokahkonen

cashmere knit santosh// vest monroe world// skirt zara// shoes louboutin


  • Henna

    Ihana asu ja kauniit kuvat. Tosi makee tuo mustavalkoinen foto ! Noi Kengät näyttää myös siltä että ovat hyvät jalassa ?

    • Sofia Ruutu

      kiitos kiltti! Kengät ovat todella hyvät jalassa vaikka ovatkin korkeat. Yhdet eniten käytetyimmistä kengistä jota omistan :).

  • Henna

    Nilkkurit on aina jotenkin mukavammat ja tukevat jalassa. :-)

  • Riina

    Seriously Sofia, you look SO GOOD :)!! Peukutan kävelyille!! :) Hauskaa viikko sully ja Gretalle:)

  • Bambi

    Veikko is really talented photographer and he has very recognizable style also. Pictures are beautiful. Funny I wore similar outfit today :) black shorts, grey cashmere knit and black fur vest. No loubotins though ;) btw I had a photosession last weekend with a totally new photographer and yes I can say connection and communication and relaxed atmosphere are so crucial, it’s the key to good pictures!

    • Sofia Ruutu

      I am a little bit obsessed with grey cashmere at the moment, so I feel like I wear outfits like these almost every day :)!

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