White Foxes

Fashion,Outfit,14 July 2015

Hunger, hunger is the purest sin
It is empty church in a crowded bin
I’ve wept and I’ve stumbled
I fought and I craved
For the gravy of your soul
But all I want to do now is walk along
Down barren trees in fields of snow

-Susanne Sundfør-

Sofia Ruutu OOTD

Now we’ve returned from the country side to high heels and city life. I love both worlds but I have to say that I always feel charged, energized, well fed (!), focused and more at peace after a week at the cottage. Simplicity is grounding I guess.

My favorite thing is my daily power walk through the beautiful fields overlooking a heavenly scenery. While walking I listened to my new love Susanne Sundfør. I highly recommend  her song White Foxes and the album Ten Love Songs. Enjoy ;).

Sofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTD

coat zara// playsuite stylein// shoes louboutin// bag valentino// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Dora Dalila


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  • Sofia Ruutu

    never heard about Net Set, what is it :D? And yes, I’m trying to add a hint more color to my outfits but I still feel extremely comfortable in all black :)

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