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Fashion,personal,18 August 2020

Today is the first day of freedom! The kids are back at school and daycare and I can work without feeling like the worst parent on earth, when I can’t give them my full attention 24/7. I was ready for this day and so were the children. They are probably completely beat when I pick them up, so I’m thinking we should take it easy tonight and go to bed early. However, we wanted to celebrate their first day, so we’ve decided to go for pizza with some friends after school. Just to make the day a bit special and more memorable.

This fall I’ll be working full speed on several different projects. I usually only take one course at school/ term, but now I’ve decided to aim for three. With that said, I will not attend any events, probably not travel and minimize physical meetings. I made this decision because I really wanted to take advantage of the situation to able to study on distance and both me and my husband not being able to travel.

I’m also about to start another big and quite time-consuming project I can’t talk about yet, unfortunately, but I promise it’s all for you.

I’m starting Youtube and my first vlog will be live this week!!! I’m super excited and I would love it if you  give me feedback. Let me know what you want to see and what kind of content you want me to create.

Project home… Well, what can I say? Never-ending full-time job that constantly weights on my shoulders. Big decisions for a person with very limited time and knowledge within the area. Luckily we have amazing help.

Project health. Yup, I actually bought myself a gym card yesterday and actually WENT to the gym yesterday AND exercised.

Project me, myself and I. Feels a bit difficult to make a therapy appointment and get back into all of that again, but those who stop working on themselves stop growing and never gets to enjoy their full capacity, therefore I need to “just do it”.

What does you fall look like?

Dress from Asos


  • Ellis

    Kiva, että aloitat tubettamisen! Olisi kiva nähdä sisältöä ihan perus arjesta, tilaisuuksista joissa käyt, meikki- ja ihonhoito juttuja ja kaikki muotiin liittyvät jutut kiinnostaa myös :)

  • Gissa

    En vanlig dag, från morgonrumban, barnen till skola och dagis, en kaffe eller smoothie på vägen från ditt favoritställe, jobbgrejer, när du hämtar kläder nånstans ifrån, möten inför nåt intressant projekt, en lunchdate med en vän eller din man, läxläsning, studier, vad du har på dig, plus och minus med dina nya skor typ, middagsmaten, terapibesök och slutligen nåt spännande som är på kommande…….
    Med passande musik till. Typ hajen kommer, 😆

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