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Fashion,Outfit,22 February 2016

How cool isn’t this space jacket? Totally loving it! I also love how this week started. I met up with beautiful and talented Janita who always brings sunshine to my day. She’s always bubbly, happy and so very sweet and kind. The energy I get from some people is something worth thinking about. Why don’t we always try to surround ourselves with people who makes us feel good?

Something I love and admire in people is open mindedness. People who love before they know. Who great everyone with an open heart until they are given a reason not to. That is something I truly admire in Janita and something most children seem to be born with (until we ruin them with prejudices). Something I try to learn, incorporate and live by in my own way of thinking and acting.

Having an open heart will give us much more than it will take. At least that’s how I want to look at humanity.


What if I get hurt, taken advantage of or disappointed?

Oh, but my darling

what if you get love?


IMG_2059-2 IMG_2081 IMG_1991-2 IMG_1998 IMG_2038 IMG_2050

coat monki// jeans lindex// beanie cos// bag gucci// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Janita Autio


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