We stand together

Fashion,28 December 2016

Hello loves, how was Christmas? I am well rested and bulked up. As a true Christmas fanatic it is weird how fast I’m over it once it’s over. I’m already tempted to throw out the tree and my motivation to eat healthy and exercise is beyond huge. So lucky to have collaborated with a health boosting brand that has given me a generous package of healthy treats to mix, match and try out. Ending tis year healthy might bring some good feng shui to 2017. One can be wishful right?

I must have been less naughty than I thought, because I got so many amazing gifts from Santa. Totally spoiled rotten by family, friends, favorite brands and pr agencies. I am extremely thankful and appreciate every ounce of generosity. Promise to spread it forward!

These shoes are a gift that for sure will keep both my feet warm and me from falling on the streets this winter. Super comfy, warm and non slippery! Huge bonus for that. When choosing these croc embellished boots for myself my choice of model got contagious. Together with Didem, Janita and Patisse we started a new trend, therefore we had to have these group pictures taken. How cool that a group of woman with completely different looks and styles all walk in the same shoes? After all, we are all woman and we stand together. Thank you Tero Palmroth for dressing our feet properly for the occasion.

shl_4653shl_4549shl_4616shl_4538shl_4572 shl_4553 shl_4632 shl_4568 shl_4602

Pictures by Haylay Le

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