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Fashion,Outfit,10 March 2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all you need to invest in to create a polished look is a great pair of shoes, bag and a great jacket/ coat. The rest can be more playful with a shorter lifespan. As long as you have good and classic pieces as building blocks you can have more fun and go a little bit crazy with the rest.

Leather jackets. My weakness and style essential. It’s a piece that allows me to play around with different styles still keeping the outfit feel like me. High quality leather only gets better with time, therefore I find also this piece is something worth investing in. However, it is enough to own one great leather jacket since it’s such a classic piece. My pick would without question be a black biker jacket but this season I’ve fallen in love with this leather trench coat. It’s a great pick for someone who feels the biker is too harsh. This trench is super feminine and the leather divine. Still a bit too perfect but will get better and fall into place the more I wear it.

Leather jackets should always fit well. Don’t compromise. It is a very difficult and expensive material to alter since not many seamstresses have the equipment needed for leather. Leather stretches a lot which is something to take into consideration. What I need to pay extra attention to when shopping for a great leather jacket is the length of the sleeves. I’ve learned from my countless mistakes not to buy another jacket with sleeves to short. Makes me crazy and annoys me every time I wear it. It is better to go for a 3/4 length sleeve if you like me wear a small size but have long arms. Here is a 3/4 sleeved biker jacket I highly recommend . What is your wardrobe staple piece that helps you feel like you?

IMG_1942-2 IMG_1940-2 IMG_1922-2 IMG_1900-2 IMG_1950-3

Trench coat: Andiata
Pictures: Janita Autio


  • Milja

    Tekisitkö “babies updaten ” Gretasta ja Gabrielista:)

  • Bambi

    Sofia, this is a gorgeous look. At first I thought this is the Mango trench that I stupidly missed when it was sold online this winter but looks great, my opinion about andiata is changing the more I read your blog. This one has a perfect cut. I have two leather trenches: brown suede and chocolate leather. Leather one is vintage, it happens to fit me perfectly. Only looks better with age.

  • Elina


    Takkisi on uskomattoman kaunis Sofia! Se on Andiatan, mutta onko tarkempaa tietoa, mistä sellaisen voisi noutaa omakseen eli onko vanhaa tai uutta mallistoa. (Ainakaan tällä hetkellä ei havainnut tätä heillä myynnissä, snif.)

    Kiitos kauniista blogista, hyvää mieltä kevääseen!

  • Lisa


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