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Motherhood,personal,5 June 2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Especially those of you who graduated. It is a huge mile stone. At least it was for me. From that day on studying was no longer the same. Studying subjects you choose and interest you is completely different than high school. There are so many great options now days. Anything is possible as long as we put our heart into it.

What I find important for my own children to know is that I believe in them . I want them to have the freedom to follow their hearts. All I want to do is expose them to different options, be their biggest cheerleader in whatever they may choose and make them feel I have faith in them.

That is one thing I’m grateful my own mother has done for us. She has always let us become who we are freely. Without pressuring us towards any direction. That makes at least me very secure in my choices. Knowing I’ve gone where I’ve desired.



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