Fashion,Outfit,2 April 2016

Vests. Not the easiest piece to style but perfect to throw over something super basic. I don’t see myself as the typical vest type (if there is such type) but instantly fell for this longer vest from Andiata with woven fabric that glitters. Very interesting texture which makes an all black outfit or the simplest white tee more special.

I can’t wait to wear this one for a more formal event paired with wide legged slacks and heels. However, it works more than well with sneakers and jeans/leather pants or shorts as well.


Pictures by Dora Dalila


  • Meredith

    Hope to see some new pictures of you and cool locations with Dora. Last spring you and Dora we´re on fire. I hope that this spring it happens again <3

  • Bambi

    My uniform: a belted vest and wide legged trousers with heels. Love how it elongates a short girls silhouette. Just pulled my white one out of the box. I like how white goes with tan polo. Your sunnies are gorgeous.

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