Beauty,9 November 2016

I used to be someone who only wore bright red or neutral lips. Elisabeth Arden eight hour creme was as much of a necessity as my keys in my purse, but all of a sudden things changed. Painting my lips before I leave home is like icing on top of the cake and a routine I’ve come to love. Right now I’m in love with neutral colors with a smooth, velvet look. All three of them just happen to be from MAC. It’s pure coincidence, but I love their wide selection and matte finish.


This nude/ beige-ish shade is my favorite that I wear at least 80% of the time. It’s called Velvet Teddy. A friend of mine recommended it and in turn I’ve recommended it forward to everyone I know. It’s the perfect everyday shade. Care free and soft.


This dark shade named Paramount is more dramatic but still suitable for daytime. I like the brown undertone in combination with matte texture, making it feel modern. Click here to see me wearing it!


Last but not least my latest purchase Retro. It’s really close to Paramount, but it’s more pink-ish, therefore a little more “cute”. Also, it’s not as dark which makes it perfect for those days when I simply can’t choose which redirection to take lip wise. Important decisions life brings us ;).

Now I want to ask you if you have any favorites of your own? Any new recommendations I should try?


  • Linda

    Mina favoriter är MACs Matte Diva och Hang up, båda lilaskiftande mörkröda. Man kan int gå fel med MACs läppstift!

  • Riina

    ei liity tähän postaukseen, mutta muistan tehneesi täällä yhteistyötä Samosoe Samsoe brandin kanssa. Mitä teidän vaatteitaan voisit suositella ihmiselle, jolla ei ole niistä aikaisempaa kokemusta?

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