Fashion,20 August 2019

I’m a little bit afraid to say this, but I have been loaded with energy ever since I’ started work again a couple weeks back. I wake up with the kids every morning, get everything I need to get done done and feel good about spending almost every evening at some sort of hobby/ activity with the kids.

Today I picked up my favorite snack on-the- go from Sis Deli nearby. I love their Sport smoothie with berries, and I always pair it with a cheese sandwich. I’m the kind of person who enjoy eating on the run and don’t mind that it isn’t the most flattering look, haha. I’m also a super-fast eater, which doesn’t make it any prettier I’m sure :D.

As you know already, I’m obsessed with soft shades and monochrome looks. I bought these cute leather loafers from Zara yesterday, which in turn inspired me to dig out these old Andiata suit- pants. This suit is amazing, and I’ve worn it so much, but always separately. Love outfits like these, that offer endless opportunities by using a bit of imagination and mix-matching.

How was your day today?

top Softgoat cashmere// trousers Andiata// shoes Zara// earrings Gauhar// bag Chanel// sunglasses Chimi

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

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