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Fashion,Outfit,13 October 2017

Post in collaboration with Stadium// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Stadiumin kanssa

Ahoy to all mums who spend lots of time on the playground and outdoors! I have found the perfect parka for cold and wet days and it’s perfectly suitable for urban life! I’ve never owned a raincoat as an adult, because I don’t like the idea of having to wear two coats on top of each other. This parka solves my problem because it’s warm and keeps me dry. Big plus also for the hood! That is a must for me who never walk around with an umbrella just in case it starts to rain. That way of thinking and living goes against my life philosophy ;).

For this collaboration with Stadium I decided to style this Everest parka (find it here) in two ways to show you that it works either way. I like to wear it with boots and jeans when I go to school or with workout wear/comfy leisure set for fall days spent outdoors. It’s totally water proof, but looks good also when the rain stops, which I appreciate.

Forrest green is and always have been my favorite color on all parka’s. It feels classic and goes so well with other earthy tones which makes the outfit look cozy and warm. However, good news for all of you who love black. This parka comes in black as well (black parka).

So, for all of you who want to minimize your wardrobe and get as much use out of your pieces as possible I highly recommend to consider this parka. I have already worn it so much, especially this grey and rainy week, but also on my walks during beautiful and crisp days. How would you wear it?


  • Morzan

    Bra basic jacka!

  • Laura

    Hej! Kiitos vinkistä, takki lähti juuri tilaukseen. Mistä nuo ihanat niittibootsit?

  • Lisa

    Jacket looks great and it is really nice color and material but there is a big But about it. I think it is designed for a women with extremely narrow hips. When I first tried size 36 I thought that I have had too much croissants over the past few weeks and tried size 38. And even that was tight around the hips! I got really worried about my diet and decided to check good old Peak Performance for a benchmark and successfully made it to XS. So verdict is negative on my side. This jacket can’t be worn closed.. and it gets real chilly if it’s open in Finnish weather. So it’s a nay from me…

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