Fashion,Outfit,18 July 2018

Travels done and over. Now, all I want to do is to stay home for at least a few days. I want to sleep in my own bed, drink my own coffee and cook homemade food. We’ve had a blast, but getting back to normal for a while is much welcomed and I think the kids agree.

Copenhagen was perfect though. We’ve walked so much our legs ache, visited the aquarium, Tivoli and some playgrounds. I loved the meat packing district and I love downtown where all the shopping is. Danish street style is amazing and so are the Danish brands and designs. I saw so much more of Copenhagen than ever before. It’s even more charming than I thought, if possible.

If you have children, and consider taking the next step and go for a city vacation instead of a beach vacation I highly recommend Copenhagen. It’s easy and close. Maybe not super relaxing compared to spending every day by the pool, but lots of fun to see and experience. Both for kids and adults

These pictures from Paris, remind me that I’ve lived in this heat for a while now. This dress is one of my most worn dresses this summer, although I constantly feel like I have nothing to wear. I wear the same pieces over and over again and everything I have seems like it’s too much. Airy cotton dresses or linen is all I can handle, and I’m desperately digging out my most revealing skirts and dresses to keep cool. My wardrobe wasn’t prepared for a summer like this, but I’m so in love with this weather! May it last until we get really sick of it.

Today I’m spending the day with the kids and my mum. I haven’t seen her in forever, so catching up will be great.

dress elseadelinadubai// bag vintage hermes// shoes zara// earrings alighieri

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