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Fashion,4 November 2019

Last week flew by faster than expected, my dad turned 60 (!!!) and I just realized that this month, I’ve been with the same man for 11 years! First of all, it’s really scary how fast time passes and secondly, I can’t believe my dad is 60!? 50 I could somewhat accept, but 60 feels very unfamiliar and strange.

Anyhow, Paris was amazing as always, but this time it was very busy as well. It’s weird how obsessed I am with Paris considering the bitter-sweet relationship I have towards it. I feel quite pressured while I’m there because it’s so work-related to me.  I have a hard time imagining myself going for a vacation there with my family. On the contrary, I’d love to do touristy things because they never become clichés in Paris. Paris is the face for timeless beauty, and no pictures of croissant breakfasts, berets or sunsets by the Eiffel Tower can ruin it. 

My husband wants me to separate work and my free time more and I agree, so that’s why I try to work as little as possible during the weekends. Or at least, really take time off when I don’t have musts. I really need to be completely phone free, which is difficult when I really prioritize always being up to date with answering dm’s and active on stories.  This weekend I really tried my best, so we dined with family on both days and spent time at our kids’ hobbies and in the forest. I’m still mentally recovering from the switch between two hectic worlds – work in Paris and family life, and my suitcases are more or less untouched and unpacked.  I find it quite energy consuming to re-program myself to settle down in a new setting after hectic trips, so I’m sure it’s good to try to find focus again by minimizing multitasking.

Next week is fully booked with exciting things. See you soon!

coat &otherstories// dress Iro// shoes Dr Martens// bag Chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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