Uncategorized,23 October 2015

How amazing isn’t Adele and her new song Hello? Music is so important and wakes so many emotions and senses. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat all day while working on school assignments and work. Today is such a great day, everything Friday’s are supposed to be. Hubs is coming home any second, and I can’t wait to see the excitement in Greta’s eyes when they finally reunite.

I just wanted to stop by for a quick hello and wish you all a great Friday.


Motherhood,15 October 2015

Isn’t this video cute? I have now watched it over and over again, and I couldn’t help myself from shedding a tear or two. It makes me happy to see such up beat and positive video in the middle of times when worry and concern is on the surface. Motherhood has turned me into the worrying kind, and reading about everything that could and can go wrong is quite energy consuming. It makes me happy to remember we are in this together. My baby and I.