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Fashion,26 August 2019

As you might have noticed, I love everything with an open back and have found myself type “open back” in the search field on various sites during the past months. I had a similar phase about 15 years ago and I can still remember my all-time favorite red jersey top from Benetton I wore on r-e-p-e-a-t-e until it was almost completely see-through. ”Luckily”, I still have a memory of it on my 7th grade school picture J.

We all know trends go in cycles, but this one is one that should remain forever if you ask me. However, I know many people think it’s quite difficult to pull off, due to the troublesome bra situation. My best advices are: skip the bra, wear a nice bra and make it your coolness statement or use duct tape/ any tape that stays in place. This trend is too good to skip just because it’s a bit  inconvenient.

dress and bow Zara// boots Marzio Stockholm// bag Chanel// sunglasses Rayban

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

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