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Fashion,24 June 2018

Now, when I’ve finally found myself a stack of everyday jewelry I never get sick of, I thought I need to share the pieces I always wear with you and the reason behind my love for them.

I’ve always been into wearing larger earrings, but dainty necklaces. Stacking and mix-matching is the key to make it personal and jewelry is one of those few things in life where I don’t like variety. Once I find something I like, I’ll wear it faithfully for years. It’s a bit like interior design. Imperfections reveal the persona. Only then it becomes interesting and extra ordinary.

Gold is for sure my choice of metal, but again, I prefer to always mix it up. However, I rarely wear only silver on its own.

On my hands, you always find my watch, bangles I received as a gift from my mother and of course my engagement and wedding rings. My watch is two-colored, which makes it even easier to add both gold and silver into the mix. The bangles are yellow gold, rose gold and silver.

My most worn earrings are hoops. I like my hoops to be eternity hoops without any open spaces. I think they are more elegant that way and don’t get stuck in my hair. My golden hoops are by Thomas Sabo (here) and work with everything at any time. My diamond hoops are larger but super thin, which makes them dainty and appropriate for daytime as well.

Around my neck I usually wear my zodiac sign in gold, also by Thomas Sabo (here) or my golden teardrop from Tiffany’s. On top of these I sometimes add a longer chain or shorter chains with small plates or stones in either silver and gold (like this one). I prefer my chains very thin and if they are long I always tuck them into my top. I just want them to stay close to my body at all times (like this one).

I love to sometimes spice things up with colorful stones, and my favorites are the green drops and aqua blue stones from Gauhar. I usually style these with soft and cozy knits to dress down the earrings and create contrast. I also like these ones.

My newest addition are the amazing abstract pearl earrings by Alighieri. Going to wear these until my ears come off. I love them so much!

I build my collection slowly and with consideration and care. Right now, I’m dreaming of finding the perfect pearl necklace. I want it to be longer, but not too long and the size and shape of the pearls play an important role. I’d wear it on top of everything else for a very carefree and effortless look. Just how I like it. I’m also always hunting for more treasures for my hands.

Are you into jewelry and what are you on a hunt for right now?

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