track suit theory

Fashion,Outfit,20 January 2017

A content feeling of comfort is what I feel when I look back at these pictures. This tracksuit from Ivypark is a gift I’ve worn almost on a daily basis this past month. The quality is really good and it’s nice to wear something clean and fresh over baggy old sweat pants with holes. Nothing cute with a look like that and the overall feeling becomes lazy and saggy.

Actually I think everyone should spoil oneself with a new set of home wear on a somewhat regular basis. Throw out the old one and start fresh. Yes I know none can see you wearing it at home, but we don’t dress for anyone else but ourselves right? Therefore feeling good should apply also at home in front of the tv. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. It actually might be fruitful in many ways. At least I enjoy everything a bit more if it’s pretty to look at. That’s why I purchased myself the most beautiful crystal bowls second hand, intended as a chips bowl for one or my late night muesli.

Have a nice weekend!

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coat gina tricot// scarf alpa// track suit zalando (gifted)// shoes ecco (gifted)// bag chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio

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