Towards Stockholm

Fashion,15 February 2019

Hi from a busy morning with kids running around, packing and basic morning chaos. I’m spending the weekend in Stockholm and started to unpack my bag from my last trip to Levi just now (eyeroll to myself). The worst thing is, that I brag about being so organized when I’m nothing close to that. I guess it’s an organized chaos, or at least it is inside my head if that counts.

Anyhow, I wanted to discuss this mix of pastels that has become one of my favorite sets to wear. I got inspired by the light we’ve been rewarded with this week. So, I wanted to match that mood. A mix of soft pastels screams spring and lighter tones really lightens up my entire being and adds instant glow. I love that I all of a sudden feel brave enough to bring out some color. Feels refreshing!

Now I literally have to run downstairs to catch the taxi. Let’s catch up in Stockholm!

coat andiata// scarf balmuir// beanie samuji// jeans cubus// bag chanel// boots zara

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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