personal,24 September 2016

Wow! Life really can be wonderful can it? and when it is it’s important to stop and take notice. Lately I’ve been in the middle of all kinds of news. Both good, surprising and bad. You never know where life takes you, but it’s important to know life is happening right now. Not once a project is coming to an end or when a tough phase is over. It’s now. I try to keep that in mind in the middle of everyday chores and sometimes chaos. It helps me to put things into perspective and remember to be thankful.

Right now I’m thankful to have my other half back home after a long trip. I got to sleep in and what makes me happier than anything is seeing my children be so excited to have their dad home. Also, having my best friend close to me to share and juggle life with is unbeatable. Every day and every individual is blessed with something. To recognize those blessings is the key to a positive spirit. At least in my life.

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