the gucci battle

Uncategorized,26 July 2017

As for someone who daydreams about fashion and thinks it’s totally ok to collect bags and shoes just because they are beautiful to look at, I think it makes sense to talk about my current wishes but also it-items that won’t earn a membership in my wardrobe.

This time the battle is between the Gucci Marmot shoulder bag and Gucci Dionysus. No one in the fashion world has been able to miss that after years of silence Gucci made a huge comeback. Shoes, bags, belts and t-shirt have been seen everywhere for the past couple years.

The Dionysus bag is a bag I have loved ever since I saw it for the first time. It was years back before it came out on the market. The medium sized logo version with beige suede is my pick because it has a vintage feel over it that I like. However, I’m afraid it’s been so hyped I kind of got tired of it before I even seriously considered buying it. I love this beautiful bag and love admiring it in pictures and on others, but I think I’m gonna give in to the battle going on between me and my wallet and let this beauty pass.


There is something about the renewed Gucci logo that doesn’t please my taste buds, therefore the Marmot bag doesn’t even tempt me. On the other hand I love the rich suede version, but not enough to look aside both the fact that it isn’t well structured enough for my picky eye and the logo. Nope, this bag isn’t for me.

What do you think? Do you like or dislike one of these more than the other?


Pictures from Pinterest


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