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Outfit,16 December 2014

Helsinki is such a beautiful city and I’m extremely blessed to live right where it all happens. I love to live close to the water with the opportunity to walk everywhere I want to go. I have also come to really appreciate all the beautiful buildings around me. Before I begin to travel I didn’t quite see what I had. Instead I took it for granted. Now I now that there is no other place on earth I’d rather live  than right here. This city has everything and it’s the place I feel at home in.

Helsinki is the place I’ve lived most of my life, created memories and beautiful moments in and made me who I am. Traveling is one of my favorite things, but coming back to a place you know completely, feels safe,  and is the home for most of my dearest is what I consider  home. I guess that all I wanted to say is that I love Helsinki :).

Have a nice day despite the rain<3!

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collar vintage// coat andiata//  knit dress benetton// bag louis vuitton// shoes louboutin


  • Such a beautiful, ladylike outfit! You look so classy! :)

  • heidi

    ihana kokonaisuus & upeat kengät;)
    kivaa viikkoa sofia ;)

  • johanna

    ihanaan sävyyn puhut helsingistä :) musta tuntuu että monet ulkomailla asuvat bloggarit aina vertaavat heidän kotikaupunkiaan helsinkiin, kuinka se on kauniimpi, ihmiset ystävällisempiä, aurinko paistaa enemmän ym. tämä teksti toi hyvän mielen! :)

  • Caro

    I really liek this look a lot, the coat is amazing and the shoes are just perfect :-)
    I understand your love for your home town. I love my home town Hamburg a lot as well since it’s just a beautiful city and a big part of my family is living here. However even though I love Hamburg a lot I still want to live somewhere else (especially London) just to get to know the life in different countries, I imagine this to be very exiting and helpful for myself :-)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      I love Hamburg! You have such beautiful buildings and everyone is so friendly. I used to work there for a while:). You should absolutely live abroad if you get the chance. Nothing opens up the world as much as traveling and getting to know the world we live in :).

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