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Fashion,7 January 2016
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This baby recently moved into my closet. I’ve been stalking it online forever, and during my post Christmas shopping spree I finally decided to press the purchase button. I’ve actually been hunting the perfect black everyday bag ever since I sold a few of my other bags serving the same purpose.

This croc-embossed Sac De Jour leather tote by Saint Laurent is even better irl than on pictures. Such a cool bag with the most amazing feeling texture, and it looks great with any outfit. I chose to buy this bag in size small because I like how it looks the most, and it fits all my everyday needs. It comes with a cross body strap which is a must for me as a mother on the go. However, what I love the most and find extremely important is that this bag is very well structured and vigorous. I get so annoyed when my bags become slouchy which some luxurious feeling soft leather bags tend to do quite quickly. All in all this bag is getting a high score for fulfilling my needs and lifestyle. What do you reckon? Hot or not?

PS. This cute little fur ball did not come along with the bag but is a very much appreciated gift from Santa.

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  • Veera

    It looks very cute! My every day bag is Fendi small black 2jours. Bag comes w long strap and the bag is also structured. Perfect :)
    Have a nice day!
    – Veera

  • Meredith

    This isn´t so post to be a rude comment on question but do you feel award going somewhere like post-office, libary or grocery store wearing high heels and kind “high fashion” clothing and like Chanel bag. I could never do that and it´s not my style and I feel like it´s Finland. I think it would be different I would live “fashion cities” like Paris, New York. And very often I have heard comments like “who you think she is” if someone dressed up wearing merkkivaatteita or brand make up. And do you feel pressure to always look good and own brand labels because you are a model?

    Do you get what I mean and once again I´m in any means criticize you!! <3

  • Meredith

    What was your favorite present from Santa? :)

  • Meredith

    Do you prefer somebody else pictures of you and your family or do you take it yourself? <How does Greta when it´s time to take pictures? And some much do you take pictures yourself, everyday?

  • minni

    Hieno! Mistä tilasit? Haluisin kans!

  • Susanna

    Ihana seurata sua! Olen myös raskaana! Milloin sull on laskettu aika?

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