Thank you seems to be the hardest word

Fashion,Outfit,personal,21 May 2016
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One thing I learned or didn’t learn myself, but came to reflect over while spending some time in North America, was their ability to represent themselves. All the positive parts and talents were highlighted instead of brushing off accomplishments, making a joke and constantly belittling their positive qualities and features. It is such a good and important talent to have, but seems to be difficult for many of us. Myself included.

The other day I got blown away by gorgeous pictures of a fellow blogger. I scrolled through her pictures and comments. People were complementing her on how beautiful both she and the pictures looked. What caught my attention was her response. In every comment she steered the compliments away from herself towards her photographer, makeup artist, the lightning and was completely unable to embrace all the beautiful words meant specially for her. Why do we behave like this? It’s almost disturbing. Why can’t we just say a simple thank you and maybe once in a while try to let it sink in.

I do this all the time. I always joke around, laugh at myself and get almost uncomfortable when I get a compliment. At the same time I am much better at letting negative comments and criticism get to me. Not long ago I caught myself in a situation where I behaved completely disrespectful towards myself. I would never have spoken like that about anyone else but me, which is why I decided to work on this behavior. From now on I will try to not only believe in myself and my strengths, but also take myself seriously enough to also try to believe in the good. I’ll strive to put more focus in my strengths over my weaknesses.

We all know we’re not perfect. No question about it. So why not brag a little every now and then for the sake of ourselves. I’m sure it will do us all some good. How could anyone else believe in us if we can’t? We work so hard every day to fill our own demands we put on ourselves. We need to learn how to enjoy it and see the good in what we actually have, are, learn and accomplish. No fear of becoming a self loving butt whole. Reality will give us both ups and downs. We might just need to try to learn how to enjoy the ups as much as learn from the downs.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160512_8433 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160512_8429 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160512_8437

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  • Riikka-Maria

    Thank you! This is something I have been wondering ever since I met my husband. He is from U.S. and loves to give nice compliments to other people. It is not once or twice I have caught myself finding something negative about myself after a compliment. I am really trying to learn myself out of that habit. You are right, we should be more kind to ourselves. ❤️

  • Anna

    Hei Sofia,

    Mikä Zaran mekko sinulla on neuleen alla? Onko se uutta mallistoa Zarasta? 😊

    Ihanaa kesän jatkoa!

  • Natali

    Womaaaan! Stop with the black. :D We need to go shopping in Cro someday, it’s a very colourful situation here at the stores. :D
    Can’t even think about wearing black. :D

  • Laura

    Toisaalta ymmärrän tämän, koska se ns. kuuluu suomalaiseen mentaliteettiin” Kyl onni on se onnen kätkeköön”. Bloggaaja saattaisi herkästi saada itserakkaan leiman eikä kukaan halua olla itserakas, mielummin vaikka nöyrä.

  • minä vaan

    Sofia, oletko selvittänyt mikä biisi videosi taustalla soi?

    Voitko suositella kampaajaa, joka osaa tehdä luonnollisen näköiset aurinkoraidat?

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Olen, ja arvaa hävettikö kun en voinut vastata kommenttiisi kun koko postaus hävisi😁. Biisi on Ruth Martino – “Keep it Real” ja käyn johannan luona hairdesignhelsinki salongissa. Hän on mielestäni pettämätön ja tekee todella luonnollista jälkeä.

  • Helene

    Todella silmiä avaava teksti! Pidin ja otan opikseni ;)

  • Laura

    Mistä ko. biisiä voi kuunnella, koska youtubesta en sitä ainakaan löytänyt :/??!!

  • Anna-Leena

    Babies update, please:)

  • Laura

    Missä nämä kuvat ovat kuvattu?

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