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Fashion,Outfit,10 June 2016
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When I used to work in a clothing store I often had costumers who had these ideas of things they couldn’t wear. What I found interesting was that so many had done a color analysis. Resulting in only hunting for certain colors someone told them they look good in. So many had given themselves restrictions not to buy anything black, although the person only wears black every day and loves it. The focus point was often on things they couldn’t or shouldn’t wear considering their shape, age, gender or color.

Wanting to bring out ones best qualities is of course great, but trying to follow rules set by someone else without listening to what she wants and likes herself, is where it all goes wrong. At least in my opinion.

I think everyone should wear what they want. It is different to list rules than share tips and inspire within style.Who cares if something doesn’t bring out the color in your eyes in the best way possible, or if a dress makes your legs look shorter? Sometimes we might not want to accentuate our best body parts or flatter our body types. So what? At times we might want to communicate something else with our chosen outfit. I know my but looks really long and weird in a jumpsuit, yet I love to wear one. Simple as that. I also know my legs look way better in heels, but they also restrict me from running and moving freely. I want to wear whatever I want, no matter the rules or recommendations out there. As long as the person wearing it feels good it’s all that matters. It’s a completely different story if one is lost in her style and looking to build a great, safe and trustworthy wardrobe.

One thing is for sure. I know I’ll continue to wear short skirts, thigh high boots and leopard pattern as long as I want and wherever I want. We shouldn’t have to justify our personal style or preferences to anyone. After all how we dress is a way for each individual to communicate. It’s like body language. It says so much or so little without having to say a word. By removing “body language” we remove such a big part of everything that’s said.

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