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Fashion,Outfit,30 June 2015

*In collaboration with Marks & Spencer

Yes, I have an entire wardrobe full of black clothes and I wear black almost every day all around the year but when the heat kicks in I make a 360° turn and cheat on black with white. All white outfits are extremely appealing to me summer after summer, year after year. Nothing feels as clean, fresh and crisp as a clean white shirt or dress next to tanned bare legs. Now you’re probably wondering where my tanned legs are but since that’s never going to happen, I’ve stopped dreaming and decided to enjoy white mini shorts ignoring the fact that it looks like I’m wearing white trousers :D.

Speaking of favorites, I think it’s mentionable that the material linen is another favorite of mine. I still remember one particular summer during my teens when I wore a pair of white linen trousers almost every day for the entire summer. I literally panicked when I ironed them a little bit too hot and managed to get a burn mark on the leg. I swear I cried my eyes out but thankfully my mum bleached the mark away and they were good to go again.

This particular set from Marks & Spencer is perfectly relaxed yet chic for the warm days that finally arrived and hopefully came to stay. For long!


shirt and shorts marks&spencer// shoes vans// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Dora Dalila



Outfit,24 May 2015


Sofia Ruutu OOTD
Weekend, such a lovely break from everything routined and regular isn’t it? On Friday me and Dora shoot the most fun campaign in a while. We drove to my childhood hoods and waited. We waited and waited for the sun to slowly go down and over excited kids to leave our spotted location. I’m so happy to do what I love, work with such a good friend and learn, develop and be more  and more pleased with the outcome every time we get to work together on something exciting. I will most likely post the campaign tomorrow so make sure to stop by ;).

The rest of my weekend I’ve spent with family and today I think it’s time for some well deserved time spent sweating at the gym. Oh how I appreciate a tough workout all by myself, letting loose to the tunes of great music.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences and opinions on my last post. I really appreciate your input and support. I definitely got the push I needed. I wish you all a happy, sunny Sunday!


Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTD

jacket andiata// pants zara// top zara// shoes louboutin

Pictures by Dora Dalila