Outfit,20 December 2014

Hello! I know I promised to post a bout my hair products and it’s coming (I promise) but first I just had to show you my new Stella McCartney Falabella in action. Priorities right ;D? Most of my bags are all worn cross body because it’s so much more convenient while walking around with strollers.

I have really loved and wanted this particular bag for a while now so I was thrilled when I got an offer to trade one of my old bags to this beauty . That’s one of the things I love them most actually, trading. I love replacing something I rarely wear with something new and fun. It also makes me happy seeing someone else giving something of mine a new round.

This bag can be worn in three ways and below I’m sporting it on my shoulder and as a slouchy ¬†clutch. Although I guess it’s mostly worn as a tote. Materialistic happiness at it’s best ;)!


cardigan topshop// tee hm// jeans acne// shoes zara// shawl louis vuitton// bag stella mccartney

Pictures by Matilda