Tongue booster

Health,1 April 2015

I have used my tongue scraper every morning and night for as long as I can remember. Since I got a question about why I use it, I thought it would be fun to write a little fact about tongue scrapers in general. I have purchased mine at a yoga shop (mine is Ayurvedic), but they can also be found at the pharmacy, departement stores and some health shops.

1. Tongue scraping removes bacteria and toxins which in turn effect overall health in your mouth and teeth.

2. Scraping will open up the pores in your tongue which in turn will make your taste buds more exposed.

3. A mucus free and clean tongue will increase your ability to feel taste and decrease false cravings.

4. Keeping your tongue clean prevents toxins and bacteria from getting absorbed in your body which will boost your overall immune system.

5. Scraping your tongue will give you a better breath.

6. The digestive system begins in our mouths. Scraping activates saliva and promotes agni to help with the digestive process through out the day.



Picture borrowed from Pinterest