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Fashion,Outfit,8 October 2016

*Post in collaboration with Marita Huurinainen


Happy to announce my collaboration with Marita Huurinainen. A pride to Finland, since her concept Wild is the only ethical fur and leather concept in the world. I will tell you a lot more about her philosophy, design and brand later, but until then; feel free to familiarize yourself with her story and collection here!

This collaboration has inspired me so much I instantly had to borrow my favorites and start planning for the photo shoot. The brand Marita Huurinainen was launched in 2013 and is yet another proof of how beautiful finnish design can be. Without forgetting being conscious and responsible within fashion. We love that, don’t we?!

_mg_0320-kopioi _mg_0281-kopioi _mg_0266-kopioi-1 _mg_0324-kopioi _mg_0289-kopioi

coat marita huurinainen// pants andiata// prime boots (gifted)// gloves soft goat (gifted)

Pictures by Dora Dalila

Relax it’s Friday

Fashion,Outfit,7 October 2016

I should tell myself that, because my mood wasn’t so relaxed this morning when I realized we were out of coffee beans at 5.40 am. That is a disaster difficult to save. After way too little sleep and a hectic morning, I finally sit here next to my sleeping baby with my first cup of coffee and a pile of coffee beans. Enough for a couple of years forward or so. I learn from my mistakes (and apparently others as well, since it’s someone else’s job to make sure we don’t run out ;)).

Now when I’m back to normal and all happy- clappy, I’m thinking I should clean up, do some grocery shopping and invite my sister and her hurricanes over for a relaxed (probably not the right word to describe it) Friday night. Have a good day!

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jacket samsoe & samsoe// dress cos// shoes &otherstories// necklace and bag chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio