Parenting and broken pantyhose

Outfit,22 November 2014

I was so not ready for snow yet and even the thought of christmas seems very far away. I am not particularly into holidays but I love christmas, especially now when I get to see it through the eyes of my own child. I think that one of the most valuable and important tasks as a parent is to create memories for our children. Traditions, routines but also exceptions give comfort, special memories and safety which are a few of the most important things I want for Greta to remember from her childhood.
Another good thing about this time of year is that I get to stuff myself with ginger bread ;D!

Now I think it’s time for this family to get activated and head outdoors. Later we’re going to Ikea for some meatballs and playtime :).
Before that I just wanted to share this cozy outfit from last week with you.

PS. Try to ignore my broken pantyhose ;P!
xoxo ;)


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Pictures by Matilda

Who I was yesterday

Outfit,20 November 2014

Ever morning when I get dressed I feel like wearing these perfect over the knee boots from h&m. I am so glad I was fast enough to get myself a pair before they sold out in a blink of an eye last fall. They are made out of real leather and really good to walk in and I think they go with almost everything.

Actually I love shopping at more affordable stores because the items have less pressure on them to become my favorites. Its more okay if I change my mind on something that cost twenty euros instead of buying a dress for a lot of money that I only wear once or twice. Also I find that sometimes when I decide to really invest in a more expensive piece I opt to go for something that’s boring enough to wear for years ahead, but who feels inspired to wear something so safe and uninspiring like that?

I buy most of my clothes from h&m, zara and flea markets because I love to be able to change my mind, my style and my wardrobe. I also constantly get rid of clothes because I only want to have things in my wardrobe that I really love.

Fashion to me is supposed to be fun and playful and a way to express myself, who I am and what I feel. I refuse to take fashion too seriously and I never want to find myself regretting something I wore. Every day is a new day, a blank paper and I want to paint my paper however I feel like that exact day.

Have a fabulous Thursday everybody :)!

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knit, boots hm// skirt zara// bag chanel