Welcome the sandal season with Salvequick

Beauty,10 April 2015

I have a secret to tell you. My feet are (were) in the exact same condition as when I used to dance ballet on a regular basis, terrible! Now a days I don’t even have a good enough excuse for it. I’ve just neglected my poor feet. Thankfully Salvequick has a great solution for us who don’t have the time, money or will for a pedicure. Exfoliating socks!


All you need is to buy a package from any well assorted departement store (for approximately 22-25 €) and follow the instructions step by step. First you need to wash and dry your feet, apply the plastic socks on your feet, close the gap around your ankle with a piece of tape (comes with the Salvequick package), wait for 90 minutes and then remove the socks and wash your feet.


 After 10-15 days after completing the treatment all your dead skin cells and big chunks of skin will peel off your feet. I  wanted to help the process by giving my feet a warm foot bath and remove the softened and dead skin. After treatment my feet were as good as new. Exactly as good as after a pedicure! I can highly recommend these socks but remember to be careful and wait if you are pregnant or have blisters and sores on your feet.


Now Salvequick wants to offer three of my lovely followers a chance to win their own pair of exfoliating socks with an addition of blister patches just in time for the sandal season or for entering the dance floor! To take part in the lottery, please write a short comment on why you should win and make sure to leave your email address and name. The lottery will end on April 14th.

*In collaboration with Salvequick