Craving this

Food,Health,10 August 2015

I love salads and if it was only up to me I’d probably eat different kind of salads for lunch and dinner every day. It’s the perfect way to get your daily dose of greens in, and it also leaves more room for dessert (double yay)! I always eat my salads with toasted or freshly baked bread, and I usually skip dressings since I simply don’t like them. I also really like adding fruit or berries to my salads for added freshness.


I don’t really know why I decided to post just this particular salad made this weekend. It’s so simple and nothing special really, but sometimes simplicity is the key. I also know I’m not the only one suffering from anxiety about what to cook for dinner every day, so I thought maybe a quick and simple salad can save someones night ;).

All you need is different kinds of green lettuce (preferably dark green for added vitamins and health benefits), avocado and feta cheese crumbled and mixed in by hand to make it creamy, tomato, cucumber, green olives, strawberries and grilled halloumi cheese. And of course olive oil, pepper and some lemon can be added if you like your salad extra juicy :).

Hope you like it!