Most important of all

Health,personal,12 January 2016

I’ve had a post laying in my draft called relationship for some time already. I never talk about my romantic relationship on a personal level, since I don’t think it’s a subject that belongs here on the blog. However, I’ve been thinking about one particular thing I find extremely important that all my great, deep and long lasting relationships have in common, humor. Especially the most important relationships of all. The one I have with myself.


Wanting to be together is not always all it takes. It takes a lot more to be happy together, continuously. First of all it is a puzzle itself to make two peoples lives (like one’s personal life itself wouldn’t be enough to handle) come together keeping both parties fulfilled, happy and free to live their lives as planned and wanted. In the end happiness is what most people strive to achieve in life, therefore it is important not to loose oneself, personal goals and dreams for someone else’s sake. It might be difficult to find a path and direction that makes both happy. Not to even mention how challenging it can be to continue on that path while growing, continuously changing and developing. Growing together towards the same direction and future even after years and years from now is nothing that is for granted or comes for free.


I don’t know where I would stand today without being able to laugh off small difficulties along the way, not take myself or life too seriously and find laugher together. Being able to find things to laugh over is an extreme relief even at the most difficult of times. Laughter and humor for me is connecting, a sign of mercy or forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and togetherness. It is my personal recipe for success getting through even the toughest day.


I want to keep this in mind myself. I don’t know what life has to offer me in the future but I want to remember to laugh at myself, laugh at situations and moments, and most importantly laugh together. Whenever I feel irritated, frustrated or tired I want to try to cure myself through laughter first. It often helps. Even during the darkest of times. Definitely worth a try.


Pictures by Janita Autio