my favorite cobbler

Fashion,24 January 2015

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You might have noticed that I like shoes :). Especially high heels and Louboutins. Because I’ve decided to invest in good shoes I want to take extra good care of them to make them last as long as possible. I always take my Louboutins to a cobbler to have him/her put in rubber soles for both protection of the shoe and to make them less slippery. I used to use a cobbler on Tehtaankatu but since he sold his business I had to find a new place. I have now tried a new cobbler in Katajanokka and after a few pairs with excellent result I now feel confident to recommend her to you.

She is very gentle with the shoes and the result is very smooth and nice. Each pair of new soles cost 28€. The place is called Haraldin Kenkä and is located on Luotsikatu 5, 00160 Helsinki.

Read more about my shoe care routine here!

Kiss Me Red

Beauty,30 December 2014
I’ve gotten so many questions about my red lipstick I’ve been wearing lately so I decided to repost this post
I made last spring. The lipstick I’m wearing right now is the darkest one of these below, Chanel rouge.
At the moment I am more into a softer look, which is easiest to achieve by using your fingers, tapping the lipstick on to your lips.
 Red lips look good on most people and it doesn’t matter if you have thin or more full lips. It’s all about finding the right shade!
Here are my three “at the moment” favorites, starting from the left:
1. Chanel rouge allure velvet 38 la fascinate (matte,most suitable for darker months and looks good with pale skin)
2. Lancome l’absolu rouge 134 (more orange, very light, a hint of gloss and perfect for spring and summer. Stays on forever and smells divine)
3. Nars dragon girl velvet matte lip pencil (my newest addition! Perfect shade of red for me, easy to apply, stays on well and gives a beautiful velvety finish)