Rosy cheeks and silky locks

Fashion,Outfit,29 July 2018

Hello from the after party! Feeling lazy and tired in the most comfortable way. The kids are also exhausted, and since we live here in the middle of nowhere, there isn’t much to stress about. Yesterday, we arranged our annual summer party together with relatives and friends. So today, is all about long naps, iPad and snacking on yesterday’s foods. I’m still in my pajama’s and will be until I go to the sauna in the evening.

I know I’ve written about this tip before, but thought I’d do it again, since I remembered it myself a couple of weeks ago- coffee scrub! I’ve completely forgotten about it ever since we switched into our Nespresso machine.

When it comes to beauty, I try to give both skin and hair a rest, so I do hair and facial masks more frequently and exfoliate my body with natural ingredients. I love to blend up my own exfoliator using grounded coffee and honey/ coconut oil. It’s the best exfoliator I’ve ever tried, but only for the body. It’s too rough on the face and neck. It leaves the skin amazingly soft!

For the hair, I highly recommend L’Oréal Paris Smart bond treatment. My hairdresser recommended it for me, so now I have my own bottle and leave it in for 15 minutes, twice a week! Just easy and simple tips from me today. Hope you like them as much as I do.

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Seasonal news

Fashion,Outfit,18 June 2018

I’ve got some new favorites I’d like to introduce to you. My largest fashion sin right now is by far jewelry. These earrings* by Alighieri are a gift to myself from myself, which makes them kind of special. I love to purchase flowers for myself, jewelry and everything in between. Gifts by others on the other hand, are in my opinion overrated and I’ve always loved to buy my own things. True self-love romance ;).

I used to wear only minimalistic jewelry, if any at all. That has changed drastically and I think it’s attached to my life situation. My kids are a bit older and I live a life where I don’t constantly have to think about getting mushed banana on my shirt. Therefore, these earrings by Alghieri are perfectly over the top, but oh so beautiful and special. They complete my stack of everyday jewelry perfectly.

Lately, perfume has become a big part of my identity which is completely new to me. I feel naked if I leave home without my favorite scent, Lipstick on by Maison Margiela. My vacation scent is by the same brand named Ocean Walk. Highly recommend getting a vacation perfume intended for vacation only. Makes the memories even stronger afterwards and helps you get in the mood faster.

Lastly, another favorite of mine is this crispy cotton dress by the wonderful ElseAdeliaDubai. This brand is one of those wonderful surprises that sometimes occur when you find yourself scrolling through your friend’s- sisters, boyfriends- mum’s, stepdaughter’s- sister’s feeds J. New instant love affair. I’m also extremely tempted to take this dress* to check out. I’ve drooling over it for months! What do you reckon?

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